Terms & Conditions


Dear web surfer, before you make a purchase, carefully read these terms and conditions as they regulate the contractual relations to purchase items on the www.hugepowery.com website (here-under also referred to as ?the website?). Should you have any doubts on the sales terms and conditions, please contact us at the following email address: nadia@hugepowery.com.


1.1 These General Terms and Conditions regulate the on-line sale of the hugepowery items on the www.hugepowery.com website managed by hugepowery, legal offices in China.


2.1 Only customers meeting the following requirements may be addressees of the service:
- Individual persons purchasing items from www.hugepowery.com not with commercial, business or professional purposes;
- Being at least 18 years of age;
- Having a valid email address.

2.2 For all the above, hugepowery reserves the right to reject orders from customers not complying with the requirements listed above. Furthermore, orders received from countries not served by the company shall not be processed.


The distinctive features of the products on sale on www.hugepowery.com are shown on the technical chart available on the website and viewable before purchasing each product. A further short description of  product main features is also provided next to the image of each viewed product. hugepowery reserves the right to change product descriptions in the above-mentioned technical charts at any time. Product images published on the website represent items on sale as accurately as possible. Nonetheless, product colors and/or sizes may differ from the actual items due to the browser or screen used during website surfing.  hugepowery shall not be responsible for possible unsuitability of images or colors of the items due to the above-mentioned technical reasons. To the purposes of the sales contract, the product shall be attested exclusively by the Product description in the on-line technical chart available on the purchase date.     


4.1 The prices of the items are in Euro or USD, VAT included, less possible shipping costs. Shipping costs are reported on the ?Shipping and Costs? website section and shall be communicated to the client upon cart summary viewing. hugepowery reserves the right to change the terms stated in the ?Shipping and Costs? section at any time; it being understood that the shipping cost charged to the client shall be the same shown on the order summary upon order placement. 
The price of products on sale on the website may differ depending on the country and be listed in the local currency.

4.2 hugepowery reserves the right to change the price of products at any time and without notice; it being understood that the price charged to the client shall be the same shown on the website upon order placement.


5.1 To purchase one or more Items, customers shall fill in and submit to hugepowery an electronic Purchasing Order (having the same value as a binding contract offer) listing the information on the main features of each Item ordered and relevant price, payment method selected, delivery method and shipping costs. Before submitting their order, customers may check the details typed and correct possible filling mistakes. At the moment of the conclusion of the order, and before submitting it, customers shall be asked for a confirmation of the acceptance of these general sales terms and conditions, failing which the order shall not be complete.

5.2 The sales order shall be filed in our data bank for the time needed to process the order and for administrative purposes, in any case as prescribed by law.

5.3 Upon receipt of your order hugepowery you will be sent an automatic confirmation of your order entering our system. This email is not a confirmation of the order being fulfilled but acknowledgment of receipt of your purchase request.

You will receive a second email after we have verified the information in the order and product availability to confirm that the order has been processed and that it will be fulfilled. It is at this time that the Contract is to be considered binding. This email of acceptance of Purchase contains a reference to the previously accepted Terms and Conditions and a complete recap of your purchase.

hugepowery may decide to stop the processing of the purchasing order in the following cases: (a) incomplete or incorrect orders; (b) in the event the Items are not available (not available at the moment of the order or no longer on sale); (c) incorrect credit card details and/or denied authorization to debit the card. In these events, hugepowery shall email customers notifying that the contract has not been concluded, listing the reasons and providing possible reimbursements.

5.4 Credit card details shall be treated with utmost confidentiality. hugepowery is not responsible for possible card fraud on the part of third parties. In any event, for additional assurance, hugepowery reserves the right to cancel the transaction and/or ask for further information or documents in the event of suspicious card fraud.

5.5 hugepowery reserves the right to reject an order in the event hugepowery?s bank is not able to obtain an inspection on the part of the customer?s bank, or in the event the customer?s bank details are incomplete.